To Have Christmas Music At Your Winter Wedding Or Not?

To Have Christmas Music At Your Winter Wedding Or Not?

The festive season is upon us and many brides and grooms choose this time of the year to tie the knot, with the frosty weather and magical atmosphere being a great setting for a beautiful wedding.

But, the question is, if you’re saying ‘I do’ over the next few weeks, will you be including Christmas songs on your wedding entertainments setlist?

I know some people who are huge fans of Christmas and can’t wait till December to put their tree up and slip on their woolly jumpers. If this sounds like you, then having Christmas tunes at your winter wedding is probably a no-brainer.

But if you’re slightly more indifferent to the occasion, you may be unsure what your guests would prefer – crooning to Driving Home For Christmas, or dancing to the latest chart music?

Unless you socialise with a very hip crowd who may detest Slade and the likes, there are some great reasons to include festive tunes in your evening. For a start, everyone is familiar with them, so all your guests – from Great Aunty Betty down to your little nieces and nephews – will be hitting the dance floor all night long.  

Secondly, some of your friends and family will probably have skipped their own Christmas dos to be at your wedding, so it may be nice to say thank you with a few happy Yuletide songs. Otherwise, they might feel as though they missed out this year.

Lastly, Christmas songs aren’t all cheesy, and you can find some lovely jazzy numbers, instrumental pieces and soulful classics that might fit in at other times of your day. For example, you could have a string quartet play White Christmas or Winter Wonderland during your drinks reception.

No – It’s our day!

Or, of course, you might be of the mindset that your wedding isn’t Christmas – it’s your day.  

You, or your guests, may also despise Christmas songs, whether it’s Noddy Holder or Michael Buble, in which case, choose a setlist that will please the majority.  

And you might have always known the music you want to be played at your wedding, and Christmas tunes don’t feature at all.  

It’s fine if you really don’t want festive music on your Big Day, but it’s a good idea to let your DJ or wedding singer know, so if any of your guests do make Christmas requests, they can kindly ignore them.